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Water is one of the most critical nutrients required by dairy cattle. Unfortunately, water quality can limit productivity and health due to characteristics which affect the rumen environment, immune function or availability of trace minerals. Knowing only what minerals are in your water supply provides a very incomplete story. 

 Jersey Heifer in Costa RicaThe WaterForCows.com model includes:

  • Prediction of water intake
  • Calculation of total mineral intake from feed and water
  • Comparison of total mineral intake to NRC requirements
  • Visual and narrative description of the safety or potential problems from total mineral intake
  • Calculation of the DCAD (diet), Strong Ion Difference (water) and Total Intake Cation Anion Difference (integrated DCAD and SID from both the diet and water source)
This powerful tool gives the dairy producer, consultant or veterinarian a better handle on just how much mineral the cows are getting and how that relates to NRC based mineral requirements.  It details the mineral interactions, antagonisms or potentially detrimental effects, all in an easy-to-read one page report.

WaterForCows.com is a completely web-based water quality evaluation tool.  Simply register by clicking on the Subscribe Now! tab above, to gain unlimited access to this powerful model.